Healthy 10-Minute Tart Cherry Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

No pictures of these babies – I made a small batch ate them up too fast!

It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth. The last day I didn’t have dessert was…. haha yeah right. I’ve gone through enough Ben & Jerry’s this semester for all the heartbroken girls in all of the chick flicks since 1990. Seriously, it’s a little pathetic. This morning I was craving sweets, and so I figured if I made something healthy, I can eat them before noon, right?

So, I checked the cupboard and saw what I had to work with. I had some quick-cook steel cut oats, a little bit of flour, some semi-sweet chocolate chips, and dried cherries my mom sent me in my Easter care package. Steel cut oats are a great source of fiber, chocolate has antioxidants (and makes everything delicious), and cherries have kick-ass anti-inflammatory properties, perfect since I am nursing a mild hamstring injury.

On top of that, I kept the sugar and fat amounts really low to make the cookies even healthier.

No recipe in hand, I tried to concoct something that tasted like a cookie. I preheated the oven while I was in the shower, and baked the cookies while I did my makeup, and so the whole process took up maybe 2 minutes of my day.


  • – Steel Cut Oats (half cup)
  • – All- Purpose Flour (half cup)
  • – Dried Cherries (however much you like)
  • – Chocolate Chips (whatever ya like)
  • – 1 Egg
  • – Sweetener of Choice (I used a little bit of honey and a little bit of sugar) (maybe a tablespoon or 2 of each)
  • – Cinnamon
  • – splash of Kahlua (or substitute Vanilla Extract)
  • – Vegetable Oil (or butter/fat of choice) — maybe a tablespoon or two
  • – pinch of salt
  • – pinch of baking powder

— This made a small portion, about 2 decent sized cookies and a little over a third of a 9×9 pan of cookie bars. For a group, double recipe —-


Stir everything in a bowl. Roll into cookies or spread across pan to make cookie bars. Eat them all and don’t feel guilty.